Half a Century in Quality Education

Founded in 1958, Ata Educational Institutions is one of the first private schools in Turkey. Located in İstanbul’s elite Etiler district, Ata High School was established both as a boarding school and day school and was subsequently acquired by Erdoğan Demirören in 1980, who believed in the power of education to build a better future for Turkey.

While offering an English curriculum, the school went through a change in educational system and was converted to “Anatolian High School” which began offering German and French as well as English. The vision of Ata Educational Institution is to create an educated society that is secular, creative, modern, active, loving and compassionate and committed to Atatürk’s reforms and principles with superior communication skills.

Ata High School is celebrating its 60th year with its high quality management-teaching staff in the footsteps of founder Erdoğan Demirören, an education devotee.