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As the official game of Spor Toto Organization Directorate, İddaa is Turkey’s first and only fixed-odds sports prediction game. With İddaa, it is possible to bet on all types of sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and motor sports. The games, activities and ratios for which estimations can be made are published every day. Fans of İddaa make their predictions by selecting a match or activity and experience the joy of leagues from Turkey as well as foreign countries, thereby making matches much more entertaining. İddaa has various choices of games such as the final results of matches, activities and scores, whether the number of goals is below or above the indicated limits.

The number of game options reached 49 after Şans Girişim, a Demirören Holding venture, took over the management of the İddaa brand and launched a live iddaa feature allowing users to bet after the matches/activities started. The new feature resulted in a livelier and more technological world of iddaa with various infrastructure investments.

İddaa can be played at 5,000 dealers all over Turkey and six electronics dealers.

The Easy and Fun Way to Play İddaa

Misli Electronic Games of Chance and Publication Inc. - a legal electronic dealer that provides fixed-odds betting games based on sports competitions – was established on July 15, 2009 as a result of an agreement with Spor Toto Organization. Misli also offers National Lottery tickets for purchase, thanks to an agreement made with the National Lottery Directorate on Dec. 6, 2011. gives its members access to hours of entertainment via fixed-odds betting on nearly every sports discipline, including football, basketball, volleyball, handball, motor sports and others. operates within the framework of its mission to enable its members to experience a reliable and quality betting games experience at world standards through its mobile applications and website. advanced rapidly towards its goal of becoming the market leader following an investment by Demirören Holding in 2019, putting forth its expertise in games of chance and fixed-odds betting games with new features it brings to the market. The company gives priority to the “Game Experience,” focusing on the gamer’s interests and placing them at the center of innovative campaigns. aims to continue supporting the country’s economy by standing against illegal betting, which has an adverse impact on sports and sports economy in Turkey. The industry generates billions of dollars with innovations, such as live betting, presented securely to millions of users.

Assurance in Games of Chance

As per the Contract in relation to the Private Management Contract regarding Certain Works and Services for Holding Games of Chance under the Scope of the Decree on National Lottery by Turkish Wealth Fund through Private Law Contracts, Sisal Şans İnteraktif Hizmetler ve Şans Oyunları Yatırımları AŞ (“Sisal Şans”) is authorized to provide works and services in relation to conduct of games of change that are approved by Turkish Wealth Fund for a period of 10 years in Turkey subject to the monitoring and supervision of the General Directorate of the National Lottery Administration.

About the “Sisal Sans”

Sisal Şans is a joint venture among Şans Digital and Interactive Services Technology Investment Inc., held by Demirören Holding and by the Italian Sisal S.p.A.

Sisal Şans has the mission of offering more fun to players by bringing in innovation to the market and contributing to Turkey’s economy.