My dear colleagues, business partners…

Since our foundation in 1956, our excitement to serve our country and our passion to always act for the future is as strong and lively as it was back in our first days. That is why I wish to look back and evaluate our past as we are celebrating our anniversary.

The reason why I want to look back on the past years is not due to the longing I feel for a young establishment that has succeeded in overcoming many obstacles during its development. I wish to evaluate our past since I believe that only those who have an accurate grasp of their past can build a better future for themselves.

Back in the day, it required immense courage and responsibility to purchase the first company distributing liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Turkey and to enter the market. This step that we took also meant significant investment of time, infrastructure, buildings and machinery. None other than Demirören Group could be bold enough to make such an investment. We did that because we believed that the prestige of devoting ourselves to serving our country is more valuable and important than anything else.

Now when I look back, I take pride in the fact that we have reached our goals. Today, I know that Demirören Group competing in many different sectors from energy to industrial manufacturing; media to construction has unparalleled prestige. We have strong and extensive programs aimed at social issues and educational services. We feel immensely joyous and proud at what we have accomplished. Our emotions are strengthened when we think of all the hardships and obstacles that we had to overcome. We can now start planning for the future since we have reached the goals that we set out for ourselves in the past.

Companies like Demirören should be considered among the most important leverages for Turkey in a globalizing world. We are fully integrated with the world’s markets, and we are competing in these markets with our top of the line technological infrastructure. We implement standards that will enable us to reach the highest product quality while making continuous investments in our human resources. These characteristics and our experience of more than 60 years, unfolds the importance of the Demirören Group for the Turkish economy.

Demirören Group will continue to be among the pioneering actors of Turkey in the new millennia as well. We will continue striving to take our country and our people to the level of global powers. This is our most valuable goal and commitment as it has always been so in the past.


1937 - ∞